Salute to Datuk Lee Chong Wei and his coach Datuk Misbun Sidek by winning the 100th Edition All England Badminton Championships (Year 2010) of the Men’s Single category..Now let’s challenge for Malaysia’s 1st Gold Medal at the London Olympics 2012!

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14th March,2010 can now be recorded in Malaysia’s Sports History Album as one of the Great Moments in Malaysian Sports Achievement because our Badminton Hero,Datuk Lee Chong Wei have won the Men’s Champion at the 100thCentenial Edition of the All England Badminton Championships held in Birmingham,England.With the continual support and excellent coaching of his coach,Datuk Misbun Sidek,together they managed to work their strategy and game plan to beat Chong Wei’s opponent ie.Kenichi Tago of Japan who is only20years old and who was unseeded in the Championships but surprised everyone by beating many of the seeded players especially from China to qualify for the Final event for the Men’s Category.

Like all major sports event involving Malaysian sportsperson/s,our TV stations will definitely make a live telecast for all of us back home and yesterday was no exception and we all saw how finally Datuk Lee Chong Wei with sheer preseverance and hard training plus maybe with his many prayers the 7 long years of waiting allowed him to now become the Men’ Champion of the 100th Edition of the All England Badminton Championships.Tahniah and Syabas 1Malaysia for Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Datuk Misbun Sidek for such Excellent World Class Performance and making Malaysia So Happy & So Proud and Truly Malaysia Boleh!We must thanked Allah SWT (God Almighty) for giving us this great blessing for Malaysia!

OK,so now what’s next for Badminton especially?

Ramli found out that the Thomas Cup World Badminton Championships for Team Event will be coming soon and played on Malaysian soil again.Can Malaysia win again the Thomas Cup?From the current stats and rankings of our badminton players many are in the Top 10 rankings and our players like the singles and doubles are even ranked No.1 in the World!Our women shuttlers also are now well ranked in the world especially the singles and doubles!

2010 can be a Great Year of World Class Sports Achievements for Malaysia especially in sports like Badminton,Squash,Cycling and others BUT the main issue here now is can our Sportsmen and Sportswomen maintain their consistency,continual success and peak performance all the year through?We love winning world class championships but not losing in the first round or preliminary stages in the next competition we are involved.

Ramli wished to highlight TRULY Great Sports People like Rudy Hartono-the Great Indonesian World Champion for Men’s Badminton.Rudy was able to win 8 times the Men’s Champion and 7 times consecutively (1968 to 1974)the Men’s Champion at the All England Badminton Championship which Ramli think will be a record not anyone can surpassed easily and will remain a Great Sporting Achievement of All Times!WOW,7 times in a row,just imagine Chong Wei just won once and to win it again and again for 7 more years in a row!Can Chong Wei take that challenge and in this 21st Century do he want to do it at all?Is it for the money,for the fame or for the country or all in one bundle in?Maybe Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Datuk Misbun Sidek can answer or enlightened us!

Yes,the London Olympics is coming in 2012 and if Datuk Lee Chong Wei is still full of excellence,excitement and enthusiasm (Ramli’s 3Es’ in his Revolusi Aksi Philosophy)then Malaysia can hope to see and feel their 1st Olympic Gold Medal in 2012 at maybe the same venue ie.Birmingham,England.Can Chong Wei deliver the Gold Medal?Ramli heard any Gold Medal is worth RM1 Million to the Malaysian Sports Person who won it!A millionaire sports person but Chong Wei have made his 1st RM Million kan?

OK,Ramli will try to write more in the coming days on this great subject of CAN MALAYSIA REALLY WIN AN OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL IN 2012?Who is or are the sports person and in what sports category?

Are WE really ready to win this Gold Medal or just mere dreams and can turn a nightmare in 2012 or maybe earlier?Why wait so long to win an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL?Poor countries like Ethopia,Nigeria and others have won not 1 or 2 but so many GOLD Medals already through the Olympic Years but Malaysia Tak Boleh Lagi!

Usually in Business or Management matters,dont blame on the workers or atheletes but blame the Management!The MANAGEMENT must be responsible for this matter because it is Mgmt that make the Plan,Policies,Budget,Execution,Systems and Resources esp Talents.If Mgmt is weak,corrupt or “no energy” to act to produce then Malaysia will never win an Olympic Gold Medal this London Olympics in 2012!Time is so short and we must now prioritise what we have best to ensure these best sports people CAN deliver and achieve our Malaysia’s Olympic Gold Medal Dream,and that achievement is definitely the Greatest in Malaysia’s Sports History just like Datuk Lee Chong Wei winning this Men’s Champion at the 100th Centennial Edition of the All England Badminton Championships.

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