Malaysia’s Maintenance Management and Control are so weak -anytime Disasters can happen and worst still many lives can be lost?What to DO and what best actions must be taken?

Posted: September 28, 2011 in All about Malaysia, business, health, public transport system, quality of life, revolusi aksi, safety and security, sustainable livelihood, sustainable mgmt, world class performance
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Today Ramli heard that SUBANG JAYA EMPIRE GALLERY had a great blast around 3.30 am and 4 persons were injured and now getting treatment from UHKL.

The initial report was the gas piping underground had leaked and blasted upwards damaging the nearby shops and buildings.Ramli’s eldest daughter Nur Amirah who worked for AINO luckily was not working at that time of the blast since she normally start work at 9 am or 11 am.Thank Allah SWT for saving her and all the people who normally work at Empire Gallery in the morning till late night.

Maybe its a timely reminder from Allah SWT that anything can happen even to a new building like Empire Gallery and that blasts at 3.30 am was SO LUCKY that there was no mass crowd or people working or window shopping otherwise so many people can get hurt and lives lost.Only 4 people are injured.

Maintenance Management and Quality Control & Assurance are KEY TO SAFETY AT OUR WORKPLACE.

If we dont think safety first then we live and work in great danger al the time!

Ramli through his many years of working and business ,have realized that many Govt Buildings,Private Companies and Public Places have many FAULTS,DANGER ZONES,POOR MAINTENANCE,POOR QUALITY,TIDAK APA ATTITUDE AND MANY OTHERS…

Examples are:

  • buildings have poor maintenances like safety exits not working,alarms faulty,dirty toilets,public phones not working etc…
  • public roads many potholes,unsafe,poor maintenance etc..
  • building of underground pipes,cables,water pipes etc..are not consistent and always under repairs
  • public transport like komuter trains,ERL and others not having proper maintenance causing lots of delays,uncalled cancellation of schedules etc..
  • public and private buildings not regularly checked and audited for EXCELLENT WORKING CONDITIONS AND SAFETY ASSURANCE.
  • and many others…
With all the above conditions Malaysians are living like in  TIMEBOMB where anything can happen and disaster/s are just around the corner!
Todays Gas Blast at EMPIRE GALLERY in Subang Jaya is an example of this TIMEBOMB and if this similar trajedy were to strike during peak working hours then more people can be harmed,injured and fatalities can happen!
We need to train our people on all matters about TPM (TOTAL PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE) AND ALL SAFETY AND QUALITY CONTROL SUBJECTS so that more skilled and highly trained people are made available and help Malaysia maintained a safe and harmonious country to work and free from all incidents and accidents!
No point to build 1st class infrastructures But poor class safety and maintenance management that lead to serious accidents,lost of lives and do great damages to properties and environment.
Contact Ramli at 019-2537165 or email:

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