Knowing Pak Samad (Dato’A Samad Said-Sasterawan Negara) and his involvement in Bersih 2.0 and Bersih 3.0,Ramli think is all about “it’s time to help make the change” and not just writing books and presenting his “puisi” or talks in seminars and meetings!Everybody needs to leave behind a legacy of excellence,service to the nation and struggle to maintain rights,peace and love to Allah SWT..

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Pak Samad who seek to live a life of simplicity is a Great Malaysian and being awarded the title of Sasterawan Negara many dozen years ago may now realized (as Ramli think so) that life is not just about writing great works of literature or puisi and other literary works BUT life is also about sacrifices to Islam,Malaysia and her Rakyat.

Pak Samad can afford to rest and relax in life by all the great scholarly achievements he have accomplished so far plus all the book royalties he received from the about 70 books he have written all this while and why need to get involved in the current “violent” politics and get humiliated and hurt (being sprayed by gas) during his involvement in Bershi 2.0.

Many will asked why Pak Samad is acting and playing a major role in these Bersih 2.0 and 3.0 actions?In the recent newspaper report Pak Samad mentioned that Bersih 3.0 is all about peaceful demonstrations where anyone can come to Protest (bantah) by just seating down on the actual locations maybe at Dataran Merdeka and protest (maybe with wearing a Yellow T Shirt with the words printed Bersih 3.0 on them.Will the Police want to spray tear gas or spray water  by their  water cannons to all these peaceful demonstrators  who just sit and indicate their protests as to all the problems and wrong doings as committed by the Government in Power now!

Maybe many Malaysians will follow suit like Pak Samad  where from being a quite,peaceful and caring Malaysian to an aggressive,peace conscious and sacrifices to create peace,harmony and maintain the rights of the rakyat in any way/s possible.

Lets hope Allah SWT will grant us a better,stronger and peaceful Malaysia for all Malaysians especially.Inshallah.

Photos of Ramli and Pak Samad:

Ramli’s 1st book published in March,2006 titled “Revolusi Aksi”:

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