Maybe many CEOs in Malaysia do not know the importance of the Daily Management By Walking Around?Maybe they are more obsessed by Management by Flying Around?What say you?

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When Ramli was working in Matsushita Malaysia from 1976 to 1993 in the production,human resource and quality departments,he experienced and learn about the importance of MBWA practiced by the Japanese MD and also visiting Matsushita Overseas Bosses.

We at home based will prepare the Boss schedule for his MBWA when any of the BIg Bosses visit our factory premises and as always this MBWA will be accompanied by all the Top Mgmt and all dept/unit heads in case of any questions or doubts by the Big Boss.This MBWA will be done and recorded by the Secretariat usually my Quality Dept since many of this MBWA are of quality nature and importance.

Products and important improvement matters will also be showcased and displayed along the walkways so that the Big Boss can view and give his personal feedback and recommendations.This is also the good time to try to tell the Big Boss and the manyb other smaller bosses about your achievements and maybe some rewards or sppreciation to your team for a job well done!

MBWA is not a common practise in the govt sector and also private sector since maybe they do not see the important significance,yet!

What can you gained from this MBWA?

Based on Ramli’s findings:

  • Top Mgmt can see with their “own eyes” whats the real status of their shopfloor both in production and admin areas.
  • There will be good communication and interactions with staff and bosses
  • Now,every knows who are the people managing both at the shop floor and high offices -some staff dont know how the bosses or MD looks like?
  • Top Mgmt can quickly do a check as to the status of quality,cleanliness,productivity,morale,standardisation,participation and many others when they view the processes and ask questions to the people in the processes
  • and so many others

Why Malaysian Bosses like to do Management by Flying Around?

  • Great way to see other far away places other than their own processes
  • Let their processes be managed by their lower mgmt and they the top mgmt can do a benchmarking process with other outside organisation
  • They think learning from others is better than learning from their own processes
  • and many other sensible and nonsensible reasons?

So,its timely now that MBWA be made known and understand the great importance of it by all Top Mgmt especially the No.1 Boss and how they can learn it well,its significance and good practices that have helped many great companies like Matsushita,FedEx,GE,Apple Inc and many others to become a Great Company that make consistent high profits,Happy Workforce,Satisfied Customers and most important managing and leading the Right Way!

For more and training on this subject of MBWA,please contact Ramli at hp:+6019-2537165 or email:


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