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Let’s see and listen some great Violinists and their great style of playing it:

see this Korean Boy with a Great Voice ! Congratulations ! You should see and understand his growing years..thats a great motivation to all our Malaysian kids that being poor is not a hindrance to become Great if you are willing to work hard for your dreams !Inshallah!

more videos on all about the wonderful ukelele:

ini ada lah lagu2 asli melayu dan indonesia -mungkin Gen Y tidak tahu langsung lagu2 ini wujud?

Listen and view all the singers that have sung this lovely song “Bengawan Solo”:

ref: YouTube

see and listen to the wonderful sounds of Chinese,Korean and Japanese traditional musical instruments..ref: YouTube

and many more….if music soothes your heart,play on……

Ref:YouTube Videos.

and many more…..Gong Xi Fa Chai…enjoy your festival and be with your loved ones….